Core systems of how companies run are rotten, and why I pivot

The world is crumbling under exponential complexity, diverting and consuming people's attention for the worse and generating tons of process waste. A story on why I pivot my business.

Why I advocate working from anywhere

The story of how I came to advocate remote work and swore to solve its challenges as an entrepreneur through the prism of my recent family history and origins.

Introduction letter to my team at Zendesk

A very honest attempt to be more transparent about me to quickly build trust with my team at Zendesk.

Who I am: a thought on personal growth

I always been attracted by the concept of personal growth: getting to know yourself and working on it to reach your full potential.

Ship work in a sane way on six-week cycles

A straightforward product development approach builds around six-week cycles separated by two-week cool-down periods, inspired by Basecamp techniques.

Manifesto for the future of work

The future of work will deeply change how we articulate work with life and reevaluate what matters for us. This manifesto contains Nicolas Cava's vision of what it means for everyone.

The startup ecosystem of only valuable outputs

One of the greatest force of a startup studio is the powerful intellectual property (IP) that it owns, which unlock startup scalability potential, engineer and customer high-quality experiences, and massive business technological strike capacities.

Your application deserves a performance budget

Performances should be everyone's concern, from strategists to software developers. It's not a must-have; it's a feature. Often the most critical feature of your web app.

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