Who I am

A thought on personal growth

I've always been attracted by the concept of personal growth: getting to know yourself and working on it to reach your full potential. Personal growth joins me because I love optimizing things and systems. Today, I'm convinced that personal growth is a valuable tool to mature, be successful, and, above all, be happy. I believe that human beings evolve throughout their lives, and in this sense, personal growth has no end. It's a process of continuous improvement.

Getting to know yourself also means being able to open up fully to others and get to know your peers more deeply, which generally leads to better collaborations. Knowing what really drives, inspires, or affects certain personality types helps build stronger personal and professional relationships.

At my career level, I look for projects where I'm strongly aligned from a business or ethical point of view, and in this sense, I think it's necessary to be transparent about who I am and what I'm looking for. Opening up in this way makes it easier for me to find collaborators with whom I have chemistry, which is vital for the success of a project.

Understanding our strengths and weaknesses allow us to organize ourselves better and together. Focusing on our respective strengths brings a lot of creativity and increases the efficiency of a group. It also allows us to learn to appreciate each other and accept our "quirks" rather than refuse who we are. The goal is also to isolate our weaknesses to understand them, work on them, and eventually respond to them.

Turbulent Commander

I'm a go-getter analyst. I have a strong view on things. I know how to show leadership and make tough decisions when necessary. I firmly fight inaction and indecision. I praise honesty, justice, and good citizenship. I never shirk; I can't bear to bypass or run away from a big or small challenge. I firmly believe that with time and the right resources, anything is possible. I love strategy and systems. I'm an optimist and an enthusiast, I see things through the prism of the half-full glass. I've a resilient willpower. I like the opportunity to talk to other people, especially when it's intellectually challenging. I love solving problems. I'm a rational, extroverted, and determined man.

I have a structured mind that allows me to progress efficiently on my projects while taking full enjoyment of my loved ones. Sometimes it may seem cold and calculated, but these techniques have allowed me to accomplish ambitious personal goals without putting my family aside, which for me, is something that I cannot accept. I like to have a long-term vision of things so that I can project myself, it allows me to plan this vision and execute it step by step with precision. I enjoy negotiating and finding compromises, I really appreciate the wit and the challenge that comes with it. I have great respect for intelligence and open-mindedness.

I'm convinced that no one does things alone and that we accomplish great things as a group, and I know how to recognize the talent of others to align ourselves with the same objective. No one, no matter how brilliant, can accomplish anything alone. I sometimes lack tolerance, especially when dealing with poorly organized people or those who remain inactive. I recognize that making mistakes is natural and one of the best ways to grow and learn. I'm an empathic person, but my analytical mind sometimes leads me to be unintentionally cold. I seek feedback and validation from my peers, and I'm sometimes sensitive to it. I recognize the enormous contribution of my entourage and my teams on my professional and personal achievements.

I know my strengths and weaknesses, and I tend to always question myself first when something went wrong to see what I can change. I sometimes argue my point of view too much, which can be seen as manipulation or domination. Being a go-getter by nature, I'm also occasionally impatient in consequence. My way of seeing things can make people think that I'm sometimes arrogant. At work, I'm sociable, and I love sharing ideas and arguments. I love working with people I respect and consider equal, but I tend to expect them to show me their worth. I'm continually looking for the best speed/value ratio for my actions, I value quality and efficiency. I think I'm someone who articulates a vision on a strategic level, and I can see exactly how the plan is organized around that. I believe very much in the quality of execution, and I focus a lot of energy on that. I'm sometimes too rational, which can lead to misunderstandings.

I'm an ENTJ-T.

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