Hola! I'm Nicolas Cava, remote technical lead and senior full-stack software developer.

Nicolas Cava

Full-stack software developer and technical lead for more than 10 years, I worked on many startups in France and Canada, as well on my own ideas on my spare time.

I especially made and managed products on the mobile and the advertising industry, and I'm now interested to explore the issues around remote working and nomadism.

I define myself as a positive and go-ahead type of person, a leader that like breaking codes, and a deeply versatile software developer. I have a pragmatic vision on product strategies which allows me to start right from a business idea and make it a successful software product.

• • • •

I specialized in the JavaScript ecosystem: React, React Native, Redux, Webpack, and Node.js. I use experimental technologies in production like GraphQL, CSS-in-JS, or Universal JavaScript.

I usually use MySQL, Redis, and Google Cloud Datastore (NoSQL), on my products. I always work mobile-first with performance in mind.

I know about PHP and Python 2.X as well.

• • • •

I'm experimented with Solidity and the Ethereum blockchain especially. I use the Truffle framework to develop, test, and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

• • • •

As a lead, I'm used to manage product-focus and cross-disciplinary teams using Kanban and lean methodologies.

I have interest and affinities with UX and product design that made myself aware about design challenges and add values in a product strategy.

• • • •

I'm very comfortable with microservices and modern architecture strategies: SSO, BFF, EDA, serverless infrastructure, continuous integration, and more.

I also manage infrastructures on Google Cloud (Compute Engine, Load Balancing, App Engine, Datastore, Cloud Storage, Stackdriver, etc.) using Docker containers. I used to deploy products on Amazon Web Services.

I know a lot about networking: DNS, SSL certificates, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and Nginx. As a truly versatile software developer, I can work on top of Unix machines when needed (Debian, Ubuntu, and macOS).

• • • •

I lend my expertise for those who don't have the time and resources to have their product done in-house and those who want to give a second wind to their team with a new technical direction.

• • • •

Feels free to share your projects
by email at me [at] nicolascava.com, or from LinkedIn.

• • • •

On a personal aspect, I'm a french father, born in Béziers, with Spanish origins. I consider myself to be someone warm and friendly. I like human contact and to live new social and professional experiences. My job is the top of my passions. Gaming is the first of my hobbies.

My family and I love to travel. After the major part of our life in France, and 5 years of adventures in Canada, we are now leaving for Spain to start the new chapter of our lives.

I also act as a mentor for people who are important to me and who want to go above and beyond in the industry. I invest my time as well on Stack Overflow and DelegateCall.

I write on Medium and I react on Twitter. I invest in Open-Source on GitHub. Gamers, you can watch my sessions on Twitch and Youtube.