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Scaling world-class distributed products and teams for SaaS companies

I'm helping distributed SaaS companies as a fractional CTO to achieve success backed by an unique system to scale their technology strategy.

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Fractional CTO

Helping SaaS companies scale high-performing
distributed products and teams.

I have been building SaaS products for 14+ years and scaling remote engineering teams for 9+ years. Executives come to me to unlock their product development potential. The business landscape has changed with remote work and many companies struggle to adapt. They seek a radically new approach.

Managing high-performing remote teams

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Get instantly access to an experimented CTO backed by an unique system to scale your technology strategy.

Complete expertise

14+ years building SaaS products and 9+ years scaling world-class remote engineering teams.

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Service offers are fully-adapted to your requirements, constraints, and budget.

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Custom-made solutions for your business and context for maximum efficiency.

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Nothing is left to chance, and every detail is optimized to win in the global market.

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Secure your business with permanent solutions that will last even without me.

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Foster long-lasting relations together to build a deep understanding of your business.

Instant value

Access to instant expertise backed by a unique evolving system to solve your most pressing issues quickly.

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I'm here to help you succeed

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Performing Remote

The first system to scale distributed products and
teams in SaaS companies.

The world has fundamentally changed. Companies must rework how they operate to succeed in the future of work. Performing Remote is an innovative and modular system to build high-performing products and teams in SaaS companies.

Building the first system for remote companies

Performing Remote is built on top of strong values

These values get reflected on all strategies provided by the system following a perfect conceptual integrity.


Products and teams are fully-distributed for maximum concurrency and efficiency.


Fast time-to-market with massive value production from ideation to delivery.


Optimized for constant growth opportunities for the business and its workforce.


Designed with interoperable modules for huge flexibility and scalability potential.


Decentralize authority, refuse consensus, and seek alignment to make smart decisions fast.


Leverage fractional workers, fault tolerance, and versatility to get stronger and adaptable.


Work, decisions, and data are exposed publicly, fostering high trust and fairness.


Complexity is a disadvantage to fight at all levels for fast and cheap growth.

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Remote work advocate

Working from anywhere

Working from anywhere

I was uprooted from my support network, had trouble finding a place to call home for years, held financial ties that put my family in difficulty, and experienced several societal and economic crises. It led me to self-doubts and dilemmas. I tried to fit into the mould. I finally decided to create my own.

Many families and individuals struggle as I did. Organizations have difficulty adapting to the societal shift without adding increasing global instability and climate change to the pile.

It may sound bad, but it makes me hopeful. People can be very creative when exposed to uncertainty. Many significant civilization developments in history come from living in such a time—the changes we need to solve our challenges.

Remote work is not for everyone. But it saved my life by giving me the options I needed at the right time, and it can also be beneficial for you.

It's time to rethink the way we work.

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Who am I—a story on personal growth

I always been attracted by the concept of personal growth: getting to know yourself and working on it to reach your full potential.

Nicolas Cava
Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Distribute features by executing in cycles

A straightforward product development approach builds around six-week cycles separated by two-week cool-down periods inspired by Basecamp techniques.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Building trust early with an introduction letter to my teams

A very honest attempt to be more transparent about me to quickly build trust with my teams.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Remote work

Why I advocate working from anywhere

The story of how I came to advocate remote work and swore to solve its challenges as an entrepreneur through the prism of my recent family history and origins.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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I decided to pivot my business

The world is crumbling under exponential complexity diverting and consuming people's attention for the worse and generating tons of process waste. A story on why I pivot my business.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Remote work

The handbook-first approach

Remote teams must consolidate tribal knowledge into documentation. To solve this let me introduce you to the handbook-first approach.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Remote work

Efficient remote engineering onboarding done in 6 months

When hiring in remote engineering teams having a cohesive plan for onboarding new hires sets a great start and gives all the information they need to perform well.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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Remote work

How to master asynchronous work

Asynchronous work is when collaboration is not done in real-time. Simply put it is when you send a message without expecting an immediate response.

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Nicolas Cava

Nicolas Cava

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