I build products for remote workers and bootstrappers

I'm an entrepreneur from Canada that advocates for remote work and bootstrapping founders.
I support decision-makers and individuals struggling with how work has to get done for the next decade.

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Why I advocate for remote work

I was uprooted from my support network, had trouble finding a place to call home for years, held financial ties that put my family in difficulty, and experienced several societal and economic crises. It led me to self-doubts and dilemmas. I tried to fit into the mould. I finally decided to create my own.

Many families and individuals struggle as I did. Organizations have difficulty adapting to the societal shift without adding increasing global instability and climate change to the pile.

It may sound bad, but it makes me hopeful. People can be very creative when exposed to uncertainty. Many significant civilization developments in history come from living in such a time—the changes we need to solve our challenges.

Remote work is not for everyone, as is entrepreneurship. But it saved my life by giving me the options I needed at the right time, and it can also be beneficial for you. It's time to rethink the way we work.

Why I advocate remote work
Bootstrapped businesses

Bootstrapped businesses pair perfectly with remote work

Remote work is also a lifestyle, and bootstrapped businesses are an excellent work infrastructure for it. Whether as a founder or employee, they are often calm and devotedly respect the balance between work and life, making them good candidates to ensure a satisfying experience when remote working.

Founders of this type of business set out to live and work according to their vision. This open-mindedness is necessary to adapt your way of working to your situation. Better yet, find a founder with whom you share the same vision. Find your mould.

Also, the bootstrappers community culture defends a different approach to doing business, aligning adequately with the vision behind remote work.

I support bootstrappers and their interests to provide the infrastructure for the future of work to grow, giving people the freedom to live their lives on their terms.

Let's continue the discussion on the future of work

My main communication channel is Twitter. I talk about remote work and bootstrapping businesses. I also publicly share my progress while building products, writing content, or any business thoughts and questions I'm asking myself; following the #buildinpublic movement.

Another good way to reach me is on LinkedIn. You can also contact me by email.